2-1-18 -- It's Mueller time! To all those who endangered our republic and threatened democracy, to those who besmirched our intelligence community and law enforcement personnel, trashing those folks who place their lives on the line for the rest of us, to those in the media who ignored Trump's obvious Constitutional violations and blatant lies meant to dupe the American people, to anyone in the tech sector or elsewhere who took money and/or allowed a foreign power to influence our elections, to those who placed party above country for their own selfish ends; to all of you I say: burn in hell, traitors! (btw, you traitors get the ninth circle--that's closest to the center-- and are chewed on my Satan, enjoy!)

2-4-18 What sort of weak-ass snowflake worries about "gotcha moments?" Are you wittle bittle mouse people? Awwww, you're so cute with you scared wittle fee-fees. Americans who run towards physical danger and possible death to do their jobs must be disgusted beyond words by this flaccid rhetoric. A gotcha moment for them is a sniper's bullet. Grow. The. Hell. Up. Btw, criminals would love to have no "gotcha moments" because they would never have to go to prison. Innocent people don't worry about gotcha moments, they welcome public exoneration by any legal means necessary and will testify to state their case for the record. How did we get this frickin stupid? Too much TV? Something in the water? Fox News is like crack cocaine for idiots. Trump is the result.

2-5-18-- Acknowledging and sharing the truth is no longer a luxury in the United States of America. The gloves are off. No more games. If you continue spinning the truth for your own selfish purposes, we will lose everything we stood for; equal treatment and rights, our founding principles of a participatory democracy, rule of law. This is the fork in the road, people. You're on the side of the righteous or the side of...well, Trump. Yes, some lies are okay if they are selfless and compassionate, but I'm not seeing much of that, frankly. Get with the program or it's all over. It's time to face our demons and conquer them or be defeated by them. Time's truly up.

2-6-18 -- Someday that smug grin will be wiped off Carter Page's face and I'll be there to see it (well, I'll watch clips of it on my computer, lol). Fucking traitor.

2-7-18 -- Trump wants military parades like Hitler, he wants to make his country "great again" like Hitler, he deliberately sows racial discord (he publicly called Puerto Ricans lazy) like Hitler, he lies to everyone including his allies (e.g. Stalin) just like Hitler, he shows no decency or compunction when attacking his political opponents like Hitler, he's xenophobic like Hitler, he asked his citizens to spy on each other (Muslims, during the debates) like Hitler, he has cult-like followers who refuse to see the crimes he's committing (refusal to enforce sanctions on Russia as US law demands) like Hitler, he's kinda dumb like Hitler (Hitler relied on his generals, who were brilliant--Manstein was a genius and Hitler never gave him credit for his critical early military successes), he relies on sources of misleading and outright fallacious propaganda to keep the people ignorant of the truth (e.g., Fox News) like Hitler, he's a homophobe (banning transgender soldiers) like Hitler, he pushes a hyper partisanship like Hitler, he is paranoid like Hitler was (Obama personally tapped his phone?), he shows signs of malignant narcissism like Hitler did, he has a creepy hangout like Hitler did (Mar-a-Lago is super creepy), he is a criminal like Hitler was (granted, Hitler was a murderer, but we'll find out Trump isn't much better), he demands loyalty to him rather than the country (ask Comey about that), he asks you not to believe your lying eyes like Hitler did, he is despised by those who know him like Hitler, he is always firing people for insufficient loyalty or whatever he sees fit (he even canned his pal Bannon), he praises only those who praise him like Hitler did, he is given to fits of rage like Hitler, he projects his own guilt onto his enemies as Hitler did (people who don't clap or smile are traitors?), he fetishizes the military like Hitler did, he has a weird thing about his hair like Hitler, he loves his barely controlled militant rallies like Hitler, he has weird dietary obsessions like Hitler, he is obsessed with the media and its perception of him just like Hitler was, he has a thing about flags (the picture of him hugging the flag is gross) like Hitler, he talks about rule of law and demands justice yet he flagrantly breaks the same laws (sanctions) like Hitler, he believes he has superior genes like Hitler did, he takes heavy drugs (this isn't proven yet but I suspect it) like Hitler, he has a fiery oratory style extremely popular with his fanatical followers like Hitler, he steals credit for things he has no control over (e.g. the stock market) but blames others for any failing of his, he attacks the free press like Hitler, he attacks those he thinks aren't showing sufficient patriotism (kneeling during the anthem) while he is doing far worse (calling Nazis and their supporters "fine people") just like Hitler, and most importantly he seeks to destroy the democratic institutions he inherited and the people who should stop him (the press, Congress, SCOTUS, etc.) are enabling his coup. I mean, I'm not saying Trump is like Hitler...or, is that what I'm saying? All I'm saying is all this and more are on public record and this POS needs to be flushed immediately. I'm saying Congress will go down in history as Hitler's henchmen. See how that works? Y'all think you can retire, but where are you going to go the wash that shit off your hands? You'd better impeach him or find some deserted island. You bet on the wrong horse and you will pay dearly when the truth comes out. But...you could pay less if you impeach now. If you, say, grew a backbone and took initiative on your own before Mueller forces your hand. Sounds like pretty good PR to me.

Just saying.

PS: One of these days Trump is going to slip up and say, "Make Germany great again" and I'm going to LOL.

2-8-18 -- Ever since revolutionary developments in technology, including the internet, have upended our world in the last half-century, organized crime has gone global. These crime syndicates are extremely powerful and dangerous. The world has never seen anything like them. Think SPECTRE from James Bond. Why is democracy in the west coming under attack? Simple. It's easier for them to operate with and within autocracies. Just bribe or compromise the leaders and you're job is done. Can't do that with a democracy where rule of law dominates. Hence these attacks. And this problem isn't going away either. We could take out all of these syndicates and new ones will sprout in their place, each one intent on taking democracy from us.

This is the new normal, peeps. We've got terrorists trying to take our lives and criminals trying to take our freedoms. We MUST come together as a people to defend each other and our way of life. We must stop our petty bickering and move beyond focusing on our differences (like political affiliations--I mean, do we really want to live in a country with one party? We just have to make sure none of them are working to undermine our Constitution and democracy) and work together if we are to keep our democracies. Equally important, we must respect rule of law and those who enforce it. Our intelligence communities are now on the front lines between us and total meltdown. This is the Cold War on steroids. We must give them what they need to protect us and everything we hold dear. Because freedom is worth defending. If you don't believe that's true, you either have no imagination or you have not lived under a dictatorship.

Well, I have a pretty good imagination. And I REALLY, REALLY do not want to live in some future SF dystopian world. They're fun to read about, but living them...not so much.

PS. These crime syndicates are being stupid. History proves there is no wealth generator like democracy. If they take it away, they'll be left with only North Koreas and SPECTRE will have to lay off half it henchmen and kiss goodbye to all their Christmas bonuses for a million years. Actually, they'll probably be left eating dirt and dreaming about food. But...you know, logic.

2-9-18 -- What's with these government shutdowns? The Republicans run the whole thing! What a shitshow.

"Just signed Bill. Our Military will now be stronger than ever before. We love and need our Military and gave them everything--and more. First time this has happened in a long time. Also means JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!" Trump says. To which I reply, "Is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS some sort of magical incantation of yours. I'm trying to figure this out. Also, you 'just signed Bill?' Wow? You didn't sign the bill, you actually signed someone named Bill! Bill must have been honored you signed him! Was it Bill Clinton? Did you sign him in an embarrassing place? Shhh. Whisper in my ear. You can tell me, Donnie. I can keep a secret. I promise. I'm really good at it. Lots of practice. And practice makes perfect. Kinda like being really, really stupid. Eventually you become a complete moron. Know what I mean?"

2-10-18 -- Hey, Tarantino. How dare you attempt to justify spitting on and choking your actresses. Just use fake spit and let them act. Also, YOU are the director and therefore take responsibility for safety on the set. You can try to weasel out of it all you want, but truth is truth. Uma told you the car was a problem, you should have fixed it. Period. When her seat collapsed, it was clear you had ignored her warnings and not taken proper precautions regarding her safety. You wanted to see her hair blowing in the wind? Or you wanted to punish her for Weinstein? Either way, you're a sleazebag. In fact, you're the biggest sleazebag director I've ever heard of. I thought I was pissed at Whedon (still am), but you win for biggest sleazebag director in history. Which is quite an accomplishment, actually. I'm throwing out my copy of RESERVOIR DOGS (a very good movie) and will not see anything else made by you. Same goes for Woody Allen. My love affair with your movies is over, Woody. There has to be consequences for behavior this bad. We have to stand up to bullies and sleaze bags. Every one of us. If we don't, this abuse will continue ad nauseum.

If we want to make a better world, we have to stand up against bad behavior. We can no longer pretend the emperor is fully clothed just because he's the emperor. Fuck him. No more lies. No more moral compromises. No more enabling of gross abuses of power through our own silence and neglect. From now on, we reward good behavior and punish bad. Together. As a society. We support each other when one of us receives flak. We lift each other when they push us down. Then, in due time, we turn this ship around.

How do I lift good folks up? By buying their books. For example, Angie Thomas, Justina Ireland, Heidi Heilig, Adam Silvera, Dhonielle Clayton, Karuna Riazi, and many others. That's my hard-earned money going from my pocket to theirs. And with nothing but joy, because they are gifted writers. I'm doing my part. Are you?

Trump: "Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused - life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?"

Translation: "Keep quiet about abusers. Let them do their thing. Speak up and I will smack you down. Especially shut up when their names are Roy Moore or Donald Trump. If they are named Hillary Clinton, my political opponent for President...well, fuck due process and LOCK HER UP!!! Also, capitalize weird things just cuz."

PS. It's gonna kill me to throw out my copy of SERENITY, but I can't unknow what I know. I won't support abusers in any way (in Whedon's case it was abuse of power, clearly). Time's up, Joss.

It occurs to me that fans and fellow creators are often duped by their idols for the simple reason that, in addition to being our idols, they are funny. Laughter is like a drug. It makes us feel better. It's...well, like a drug; and like all drugs it has a dark side that must be faced. Drugs create addicts and addicts (or in this case fans) do awful, disgusting things in the throes of their addiction (fanboy spats are one of the nasty manifestations of this condition). What else do we need to face? First of all, as I'm sure both Whedon and Allen would tell you, being funny isn't easy. They both have produced their duds, but when they're firing on all cylinders--look out! I mean, SLEEPER is one of the funniest movies ever made. And ZELIG--forgeddaboutit! Both of these guys are brilliant and they seduce us with their brilliance. We envy their comedy chops. We want more and more and more. We want to feel that glow of laughter. The temporary lightening of our burdens. And we are willing to pay for it. And guess what? That makes them powerful men. In Hollywood, in the entertainment industry, in the world. And that can be problematic because, second of all, when they get that power, it can be abused (see Louis CK). And if they hurt people to make us laugh, or cry, or talk for hours and hours about what great artists they are, is that just fine with us? I, for one, will forego the yuks if it means people go unhurt. I will stay away if it spares even one person from being abused. Especially a child or young person. There's a special place in hell for that. I believe Joss has a line about something similar in one of his shows. Art isn't just not everything compared with the sacredness of human life--it's literally nothing.

Hello, my name is Sean Harrigan and I'm an artoholic.

This week, a number of commentators have published articles containing incorrect and irresponsible claims regarding the allegation of Woody Allen's having sexually abused his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. As the author of two lengthy, heavily researched and thoroughly fact-checked articles that deal with that allegatio--the first published in 1992, when Dylan was seven, and the second last fall, when she was 2--I feel obliged to set the record straight. As such, I have compiled the following list of undeniable facts:
1. Mia never went to the police about the allegation of sexual abuse. Her lawyer told her on August 5, 1992, to take the seven-year-old Dylan to a pediatrician, who was bound by law to report Dylan's story of sexual violation to law enforcement and did so on August 6.
2. Allen had been in therapy for alleged inappropriate behavior toward Dylan with a child psychologist before the abuse allegation was presented to the authorities or made public. Mia Farrow had instructed her babysitters that Allen was never to be left alone with Dylan.
3. Allen refused to take a polygraph administered by the Connecticut state police. Instead, he took one from someone hired by his legal team. The Connecticut state police refused to accept the test as evidence. The state attorney, Frank Maco, says that Mia was never asked to take a lie-detector test during the investigation.
4. Allen subsequently lost four exhaustive court battle--a lawsuit, a disciplinary charge against the prosecutor, and two appeal--and was made to pay more than $1 million in Mia's legal fees. Judge Elliott Wilk, the presiding judge in Allen's custody suit against Farrow, concluded that there is "no credible evidence to support Mr. Allen's contention that Ms. Farrow coached Dylan or that Ms. Farrow acted upon a desire for revenge against him for seducing Soon-Yi."
5. In his 33-page decision, Judge Wilk found that Mr. Allen's behavior toward Dylan was "grossly inappropriate and that measures must be taken to protect her." The judge also recounts Farrow's misgivings regarding Allen's behavior toward Dylan from the time she was between two and three years old. According to the judge's decision, Farrow told Allen, "You look at her [Dylan] in a sexual way. You fondled her...You don't give her any breathing room. You look at her when she's naked."
6. Dylan's claim of abuse was consistent with the testimony of three adults who were present that day. On the day of the alleged assault, a babysitter of a friend told police and gave sworn testimony that Allen and Dylan went missing for 15 or 20 minutes, while she was at the house. Another babysitter told police and also swore in court that on that same day, she saw Allen with his head on Dylan’s lap facing her body, while Dylan sat on a couch "staring vacantly in the direction of a television set." A French tutor for the family told police and testified that that day she found Dylan was not wearing underpants under her sundress. The first babysitter also testified she did not tell Farrow that Allen and Dylan had gone missing until after Dylan made her statements. These sworn accounts contradict Moses Farrow's recollection of that day in People magazine.
7. The Yale-New Haven Hospital Child Sex Abuse Clinic's finding that Dylan had not been sexually molested, cited repeatedly by Allen's attorneys, was not accepted as reliable by Judge Wilk, or by the Connecticut state prosecutor who originally commissioned them. The state prosecutor, Frank Maco, engaged the Yale-New Haven team to determine whether Dylan would be able to perceive facts correctly and be able to repeat her story on the witness stand. The panel consisted of two social workers and a pediatrician, Dr. John Leventhal, who signed off on the report but who never saw Dylan or Mia Farrow. No psychologists or psychiatrists were on the panel. The social workers never testified; the hospital team only presented a sworn deposition by Dr. Leventhal, who did not examine Dylan.
All the notes from the report were destroyed. Her confidentiality was then violated, and Allen held a news conference on the steps of Yale University to announce the results of the case. The report concluded Dylan had trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. (For example, she had told them there were "dead heads" in the attic and called sunset "the magic hour." In fact, Mia kept wigs from her movies on styrofoam blocks in a trunk in the attic.) The doctor subsequently backed down from his contention.
8. Allen changed his story about the attic where the abuse allegedly took place. First, Allen told investigators he had never been in the attic where the alleged abuse took place. After his hair was found on a painting in the attic, he admitted that he might have stuck his head in once or twice. A top investigator concluded that his account was not credible.
9. The state attorney, Maco, said publicly he did have probable cause to press charges against Allen but declined, due to the fragility of the "child victim." Maco told me that he refused to put Dylan through an exhausting trial, and without her on the stand, he could not prosecute Allen.
10. I am not a longtime friend of Mia Farrow's, and I did not make any deal with her. I have been personally accused of helping my "long-time friend" Mia Farrow place the story that ran in Vanity Fair's November 2013 issue as part of an effort to help launch Ronan Farrow's media career. I have also been accused of agreeing to some type of deal with Mia Farrow guaranteeing that the sexual-abuse allegation against Woody Allen would be revisited. For the record, I met Mia Farrow for the first time in 2003, more than 10 years after the first piece was published, at a nonfiction play she appeared in for a benefit in Washington, D.C. I saw her and Dylan again the next day. That is the last time I saw her until I approached her in April 2013 to do a story about her family and how they had fared over the years. I talked to eight of her children, including Dylan and a reluctant Ronan. There was no deal of any kind. Moses Farrow declined to be interviewed for the 2013 piece.

2-11-18 -- I would like to ask Trump what merit the pilgrims had when the came here on the Mayflower. What tests did they take? Oh yeah, they displayed the courage to travel to a new country and make a life for themselves. Sounds, I don't know, uniquely American. I would also like to remind him that his wife didn't become a Mensa member to come here. What special skills does she have? Not to mention, what special skills did his ancestors have before coming here? Would they have passed a merit test or naw? He would be living in Germany right now (if only) if there had been a merit-based system. Lastly, I would suggest maybe having a merit-based system for all potential United States presidents. A man who can't pass simple security clearance requirements shouldn't be leader of the free world.

Or am I just nitpicking?

PS. Didn't Jesus have a thing about hypocrisy? I believe it came up once or twice. Also something about harming children. He said it would be better for someone who did that if a millstone were tied to them and they were thrown in the ocean. You can check me on that.

2-12-18 -- SO now Nunes is trying to bring down our democracy with his own deza channel. Look, we are at a technological/moral crossroads here. Democracy cannot survive if disinformation is spread that undermines our vulnerable institutions. Obviously, freedom of speech is going to be put to the biggest test it's ever undergone. This is sink or swim time. I don't have any clear answers, but we have to do something. And fast. We must find a way to protect our right to criticize our government without having the right to spread democracy-eroding disinformation. I'm not saying this will be easy, but we no longer have an alternative. We have to figure this mess out or it's game over. And I'm not just talking about restoring the Fairness Doctrine (which I think we need to do), this goes much farther than that. Putin is many things, but he is not stupid. He has set our democracy up for the big fall into totalitarianism; not because of Trump or as a response to him (he will be dealt with legally without any long term hit to our Constitution), but as a response to disinformation. He knows we cannot survive as a democracy with the technologies as they exist today, at least in the present environment.

Yeah, what we do next will decide the future direction of our country, whether towards totalitarianism or away from it. God watch over us as we navigate these dangerous waters.

One more thought about outing abusers. We can't expect survivors to stay silent. That is not an acceptable solution. Speaking out is their right. Stop protecting your faves. They aren't worth your soul. If the accused is innocent, they have the recourse of the law to sue their accusers. But if we don't stop the abusers in their tracks, they will continue to destroy lives unchecked. Trump whines about ruined lives because of rumors of abuse, but survivors of abuse know what a ruined life really looks like. Our moral responsibility is to protect victims of abuse. If someone lies about it, they are setting themselves up for a legal smackdown of epic proportions. .

2-13-18--I have always suffered from depression. It hasn't affected my working life, but it has taken a toll on me through the years. I also have social anxiety and fear large groups. My depression is relentless. It's that voice in my head that calls me a failure and every nasty name in the book. Every day I battle this demon. So, I guess what I'm saying is...to those who suffer from depression, and find themselves their own toughest critic and worst enemy, know there is someone out there who understands you and is rooting for you. Don't listen to that voice. It's full of shit. Just like Donald J. Trump! Kick it out of office just like we're gonna give the other one the boot.

And speaking of depression, I'm not great at deluding myself. That means I can't look away when something awful is happening, as it is now in our country. While there is hope America can heal after the Trump train derails, I have my doubts. In any case, we must be ready for the possibility that this massive rift will remain or widen. Truth is, while Russia exploited the vicious partisan divide here, it really goes back several decades. Around the time Rush Limbaugh started spouting his vile, thinly-veiled racist BS, this fracture began. Fox news further drove us apart as it morphed into a pure propaganda network eerily shadowing RU's disinformation apparatus. Putin didn't create the "libtard" hatred of the right. Trump didn't create the "fuck democracy and rule of law" sentiment of the so-called conservatives. He didn't make psychos gun down doctors who performed abortions. This sickness of the spirit has been growing like a cancer for a long time. I fear this split, about 3/1 give or take, will remain with us for decades if not more. This is not about logic or democracy, it is not even about politics (when left wingers rush to save the intelligence agencies and right wingers send us into massive debt it's clear we've gone beyond traditional party philosophies), this is about hate at any cost. It's about blaming someone for your troubles. It's about a breakdown of civilization for a large group of us. About one hundred million enemies, give or take.

Yet, like a fractured family, they can't really be our enemies, can they? We will have to learn to live under the same roof. Still, we will have to fight them every step of the way to stave off the destruction of our Republic, so intent are they to hurt the "libtards." Or, looked at another way, poor rural folk resenting wealthy urbanites (the fact that most city-dwellers are far from rich is of course irrelevant) has caused this childish attempt to knock down toy blocks in a vengeful rage. In many ways, it's just that simple.

The good news is we Constitutionalists are the majority, comprised of both Democrats and some Republicans. Together, we will prevail. But America has now become a truly broken home. Personally, I believe this is fallout from the Civil War. The underlying racism and xenophobia of the Trumpers makes me think we are finally paying a bill that has been delayed. Well, so be it. Let's pay that bill and move on. You're either for progressive humanity and a free America, or you will be left in the dust. Hope those folks like breathing particulate matter.

I should mention there are smaller but equally dangerous groups on the left. The far left are no longer Communists. Many call themselves Libertarians, but they are really Anarcho-libertarians. Others call themselves Republicans but they are really Anarchists (Bannon?) Whatever they call themselves, they are mostly Anarcho-capitalists (the Anarcho-capitalist flag is gold and black, no kidding!). They are also pond scum. Paul Ryan is one of these greedy pricks who would take cash over the Constitution. They are just as morally repugnant has the Trumpsters. So, yeah, we'll be fighting this war on two fronts. Yay!

I should mention another group involved is pushing for Anarcho-syndicalism, a system just as wrong-headed and as dangerous as it sounds. With our population levels, anything like that would end in utter chaos. These folks are thinking with their wallets, and there ain't no brain in the billfold.

Settle in, patriots. This war is just beginning. It is very real and it will last a long, long time. This will drag on for decades. Lives have been lost, and more will be lost before this is over. But take heart, for we shall prevail at last. As a matter of fact, if we stay strong our numbers will ensure we prevail at least 90% of the time against ignorance and hate. We will leave behind us a legacy worthy of America's ideals. Even in my darkest, depressed cynicism, I believe this with all my heart.

So, basically, no more being held back by cavemen and sociopaths. Humanity is gonna grow up at last. Lead, follow, or GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Lastly,Rush Limbaugh has a lot to answer for. Fuckface.

2-14-18 -- Yes, we have foreign enemies we need to worry about. Most Americans know Russia, and we're getting the idea about China, is out to get us. That's war. Most of us know this is the reality now. But other than supporting our Intel Agencies, there's little we can do about it. There is, however, another war raging, and that can be addressed by us. This is a sort of civil war. I mean, what do you call it when 100 million people are trying to drag the country back to a time of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and ignorance while 200 million are trying to move beyond the caveman ways? I call that war. And this is worse that many of our previous, most devastating wars, so malicious has this hyper-partisanship become. I mean, consider the Christmas Armistice in WWI. We were blowing each other to bits, but we could still speak brother-to-brother across battle lines. No more, friends. This new ideological warfare is extremely divisive and dangerous, particularly because one side will talk and the other won't. And when only one side is talking, there's no communication. There's no bipartisanship. Then you learn you're wasting your time trying to engage with your opponent.

So what can America do about this hyper-partisanship that threatens to tear us apart at the seams? Three things. First, we are wasting our time on these trolls. If you have to deal with these hateful pricks in your family or the workplace, stay away from politics. If they try to engage with you on social media or elsewhere, ignore them. They feed on attention, positive or negative. They are the bratty kid who gets what they want by acting out. Respond in any way, and they win. You've just rewarded them for the behavior you want them to stop exhibiting. Bad move. Starve them of any response and they'll eventually stop. When a modicum of civility returns to our national discourse, we will start talking again. Second we need to get the dirty money out of politics. Working as a public servant is an honor and a deep responsibility, not a cash cow and an opportunity for malfeasance. This needs to be dealt with NOW! And third, education is critical to extricating ourselves from this crisis. We need to teach our kids to THINK CRITICALLY and MORALLY. Jesus H Chist on a tricycle, if we don't help are children learn to think, we WILL NOT LAST ANOTHER CENTURY! I mean. Thinking has never been more important than it is right now.

Oh, excuse me. It's friending people on social media starring in your own reality show. Fuck me.

Bottom line: both parties must reject the fringes and meet somewhere near the middle so that this country may return to some semblance of sanity. Extremists on both sides get attention because they are loud and, well, kill people. We must not fall for the siren song of extremism and adhere to logic, moderation, and civil debate. The former leads us to fascism, the latter to democracy. Key to achieving this, both parties must embrace progressive ideologies. It is not viable for the Republican party to remain homophobic, misogynist, racist, xenophobic, etc. They will fade to dust. And deservedly so. As the waves of blue are showing clearly, humanity will move forward with or without backward-looking Republicans. The GOP must embrace progressive history or disappear as a viable party forever. And, quite honestly, I hope they don't (disappear, I mean). We should have more than one party. We just need both parties to, you know, not be evil and fascist and stuff.

2-16-18 -- "NEWS: Special Counsel Mueller/Grand Jury have indicted 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian entities for interfering in the US Elections. "

Fox News: "B...but Hillary's emails! Benghazi! Obama used the wrong mustard! The feds are Martians! My tinfoil hat! Squirrel!"

2-17-18 -- There is very little integrity in our news organizations at this point. Movies like NETWORK predicted this but only caught glimpses of how bad it would get. As Americans, we need to help our news orgs become more financially independent. If they depend on clicks and ad revenue for survival, we will continue to get this type of reporting. While it is not inaccurate per se (Trump is lying, of course), most news has become too sensational, focusing on hot topics that get viewers' and readers' attentions. That makes them too close to tabloids to remain the vital conduit to public discourse that they need to be. If we let hard-hitting journalism disappear, we will endanger our Republic. We must be part of the solution by either demanding news and not disgusting "interviews" with victims who had just survived mass shootings or any tragedy really (I'm talking about shoving cameras into the faces of victims at the scene) and repeated images of destruction and death as we saw during 9/11, or we must somehow help fund these groups so that we are properly informed as a citizenry.

Or, you know...maybe both?

We are heading down a road to a place where all our news outlets will become thinly veiled propaganda paid for by the highest bidder, be they enemy or friend, foreign or domestic. I mean, if the news is about making money and not reporting truth, they will report what the richest, most powerful people tell them to report. At the very least, we will never again see any Watergate level investigation against the powers-that-be because they will fear their revenue being cut off. We simply can't allow a few wealthy individuals to dictate what news we are given. It is incumbent on us to see that everything doesn't become Fox News, because if it continues like this that will be the inevitable outcome.

As for social media...let's hope there are changes on that front. I don't even know where to begin with that.

2-18-18 -- "Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid & comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason & shall suffer death & shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

I'm just gonna stop here. Some folks out there a sweating bullets. AR-15 bullets?

2--19-18 -- Couple more thoughts before I stop this. America is a country of extremes. We always have been. Very often our extremes led to great people, like Martin Luther King, Jr. What he did was create extreme good out of extreme evil. America doesn't really have a culture, but is such a mix of cultures that it often lies to convince itself of its homogeneity. Those lies are dangerous. And those lies are part of what has led to this radicalization of some of our people over the last several decades. Partly as a response to the Civil Rights movement and partly as a response to hateful media figures like Limbaugh, we have produced thanks to Trump the culmination of this anti-American movement. I say anti-American because they stand opposed to our founding principles; rationality, rule of law, equality, fairness, etc. Whether Putin intended to damage our country or not (it's pretty clear he did), he has achieved his goal. We will not recover from the Trump era any time soon, mostly because of the "ditto-heads" as Limbaugh would call them.

So there is good news and bad news. The good news is, thanks to Mueller and other hard-working patriots, America will not only return to its former constitutional rule of law, it will improve itself as more young people, women, POC, and other marginalized groups become involved in politics. News organizations will be forced to think before they post, lest they risk jail or fines. The Fairness Doctrine will return, the NRA will be dealt with once and for all, FARA regs will be reinforced in the extreme. Citizens United will be reversed. Social media will face a reckoning it can hardly imagine. Russia will be decimated, cut off from the west, its internet choked off, fully embargoed, etc. They too will suffer as they cannot imagine. And they earned it.

The bad news is pretty bad. We will have a large group of extremists now. Around one third of us, probably. This group cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be talked down, it cannot be assuaged. It will crave only blood and revenge once their dear leader is put in jail. Yes, they are a minority, but they will make themselves extremely troublesome, as they have already shown in abundance. I fear what our post-Trump country will become.

After a few decades of strife, we should return to normal. But it cannot be argued that Putin did not achieve his goals. He wanted to hurt America, and he has succeeded immeasurably. He has also helped improve America, and THAT is something he didn't anticipate.

In a way I wish America weren't a country of extremes. I am not an extreme person. I believe in the golden mean in all things. But it must be remembered our extreme nature (in this case, our extreme optimism for creating a lasting democracy against all odds and a history rife with kings and queens) produced a new type of government and a new dream: the American dream. This is not a dream for riches and fame, for power and your own tv show. The American dream is to better ourselves without limit; to be given the opportunity, no matter what our station in life, to fulfill our individual and collective potential for greatness. Many Trumpers will eventually come to see this. But many will die with their boots on and the their delusions intact. That makes me truly sad for this time in our history. But it was our own darkness, the evil that always lurked behind the good, that got us here; the genocide against Native Americans, the enslavement of African Americans, the subjugation of women, to name a few. The Trumpers are evil's (our evil's) last stand on our shores. And, like the American miracle promises, ultimately, with blood, sweat, tears, and time we will prevail.

2-21-18 -- One more. Looks like Joy Ann-Reid may be RU's controlled opposition. As this mess unravels, more and more of us will be crushed. link

2-25-18 -- Fucked News. is fucked. Bye, Felicia Felon!!! SIGINT screwed?

2-27-18 -- Just can't keep away, apparently. It occurs to me that of all the flawed systems in our republic, the Electoral College (a holdover from our slavery era) precipitated this disaster which could have cost us our democratic institutions. It denied the majority of Americans their right to decided our fate. And it must go. We also need formalized restrictions within the executive regarding the president's ability to influence and manipulate our IC and law enforcement organizations. That invites a police state in the hands of a tyrant. However, our president must retain full power over the military as Commander in chief. After all, the legislative has the ability to limit his/her power to make war, so his/her power is balanced.

2-28--18 -- I believe this is the greatest threat our democracy has faced. Even if the rebels had won the Civil War, our democracy would have remained and the South would have separated. In WWII, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor to keep us from meddling in the Pacific. Hitler's designs on America are debatable at best. But right now, today, we have a deranged criminal in the Oval Office with connections to hostile foreign powers intent on our destruction and willing to expend any and all resources to accomplish their aims. To make matters worse, around one third of our citizens refuse to face the dire facts of this crisis, aided and abetted in their ignorance by news outlets more interested in clicks and ad revenue than protecting our Republic from attack. And to top it off, social media turns out to be so corrosive to the human spirit that evil compounds and manifests from all corners and in overwhelming amounts.

When we survive this, we MUST improve our educational institutions and restore a healthy respect for the lofty principles on which this country was founded and without which we are doomed to become yet another dictatorship. Because we have a majority of citizens who are clued in, and thanks to the tirelesss work of patriots like Robert Mueller III, we will keep our democracy. But will we continue to fight to preserve it? Time will tell.

3-1-18 -- Oh Noes! Ivanka is BIGLY trouble. Batten those hatches. BATTEN 'EM. BRACE, BRACE, BRACE. Lol!

3-2-18 -- So, Trump finds out his daughter is being investigated for serious crimes, probably including espionage, and that she could even face the death penalty (reminder: when the Rosenbergs were executed, we were not at war with Russia), and he publicly criticizes Alec Baldwin's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live? Father of the year award goes to him.

3-3-18 -- When this is all over, many years from now, Watergate will look like Obama using the wrong mustard. It's gonna be right up there with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. It will change everything. And just as with those other events, this horror show will go on for years. Good news: we are not alone. Our allies have our back. Together, we will restore sanity to a world under siege by Bond villains. The technology was there, and they had to use it. But, just like in every Bond movie, we'll find them in their lairs and blow things up. When the credits roll, no pissant dictator or mobster will take us on again. Just like Hillary said, we're stronger together. In fact, together, we will be unbeatable.

3-4-18 -- Democracy is open and brave, despotism is small and fearful. One believes and invests in the potential of its people and the other shrinks from it. This is why I love democracy.

Btw, I think the same thing that killed the Soviet Union destroyed the third reich and Ancient Rome: the rejection of democracy for dictatorship. It's basically a death sentence for a nation state.

As the saying goes, fortune favors the brave.

3-5-18 -- Mueller clearly knows what he's doing. First he finds the pressure point, then he squeezes like a motherfucker. Then it's pop goes the treason weasel on live TV! Masterful.

3-6-18 --
"What would you do to get Capone?"
"Anything within the law."

3-8-18 -- All these decades of fearing Russian Communism and we should have been fearing Russian Chekism.

Let me explain what I'm thinking.

Chekism seeks to muddy the waters so that no one knows truth from fiction. There are tons of ways to do this. You can introduce "alternative facts" that seem true but aren't, you can tell multiple lies that are blatant fabrications but confuse the issue, you can tell the truth and spin it so its untrue, and on and on. The Chekist is a master of lies. But the one thing a Chekist can't do is adhere to commonly accepted and rigorous systems of proving truth. Why do Chekists hate the truth (or rather, hate the thought of there being one truth)? Because, if you sow enough confusion, and take away peoples' reliance on truth-telling institutions (like newspapers), everyone will get to pick their own truth. After all, no one could possibly know what is REALLY TRUE! And if no one could know that, why not pick the one you want? And once you THINK you can pick your truth, guess what? The government gives it to you, but spins it to favor their agendas. They use your lies, and your need to maintain your bizarre delusions, to manipulate you. To turn you into mindless zombies. Because you will do anything to believe your race is better than that other one. Or that your party is better. You just have to live in your carefully arranged fantasy world. Fox News has been injecting Chekism into the bloodstream of American thought for decades. The damage has been systemic and disastrous and has yet to be reasonably assessed. If we don't get an antidote fast, the American experiment may end in tragedy. Frankly, I can't think of anything less American than Chekism.

Or can I?

Chekism is a very attractive concept for humanity. In one of my stories, I name self-delusion as one of our most dangerous and defining traits. We love our little fantasies, don't we? We'll win that lottery someday. We'll get rich. We'll get published.


Point is, a great many things are possible, but many things are not probable. And more importantly, many things are not NECESSARY for our happiness. For example, giant heaps of cash. We must accept certain truths. If you think you can only be happy if you are rich and powerful, you are deluded. Many rich and powerful people are miserable. There are statistics showing a link between lottery winning and committing suicide. That is an example of a fact. That is not an alternative fact, but a fact. Facts like these are how we fight the impulse of Chekism, because we could become a Chekist country in a heartbeat: the American Dream is part fantasy, and therefore it is part Chekist. America was built on optimism. But, guess what? Both extreme optimists and extreme pessimists are vulnerable to Chekist manipulation of truth. As in all things, try being in the middle, this is how you achieve balance between the extremes. And always respect the ONE VERIFIABLE TRUTH.

If the world is to survive the surge of Chekist gamesmanship, we must do the hard thing; face hard facts. And we must make a habit of it. We must chose reality over fantasy. The future of our species will depend on it.

Btw, Trump is a classic Chekist, either intentionally (which I doubt) or unintentionally, through genuine self-delusion (which I suspect). He is everything wrong with America.

3-9-18 -- We are in the middle of the biggest psyop of all time. As I mentioned, we are extremely vulnerable to an attack like this due to many unresolved issues. We must understand this type of warfare if we are to survive. Problem is, most folks will dismiss the legitimacy of a psyop by comparing it to conventional warfare. But consider this: during WWII, despite the devastation, we were united as a country. During a psyop attack, the target country is DIVIDED (at least in the Chekist version). Chekists have been honing this type of warfare for a hundred years. They practiced in Eastern Europe, exploiting ethnic tensions to weaken resistance. They used political parties to divide and conquer. They attacked the free press. And now they've thrown everything at us.

There is nothing small or insignificant about this kind of war. Anyone who hasn't figured this out by now is deluded or not paying attention.

The good news is this is also, probably due to Obama, the biggest honey trap in world history. All these deferred prosecutions mean something big was up. And I'm guessing one giant honey trap. Sweep all the rich, dirty assholes and traitors up in one decade and flush 'em down. Then you make a few tweaks, add a few laws, and the Republic is restored. I'm guessing Obama saved us from ourselves. We owe any and all future prosperity to him and this Herculean effort by patriots.

3-10-18 -- As I get older, I have less and less patience for those who dismiss the importance of human dignity. Usually it's a strategy to normalize abuse. "Look," abusers say, "everything's a joke. Have fun. Enjoy life. And allow me to abuse you and pretend it's okay, because laffs." To which I say, "If you spend your life trying to laugh at everything, you will miss EVERYTHING ELSE. And there's a lot to miss. Not everything is meant to amuse you, sport. Also, you're just using excuses to abuse people and stop."

Anyway, I bring this up to make a point about this mess we face in America. Sometimes I wish the Declaration of Independence had talked about our right to life, liberty, and pursuit of human dignity. First, I wish this because what is happiness? For too many it devolves into a pursuit of pleasure, and that leads to the laffs/abuse thing, etc. Second, this whole experiment (I feel) in democracy is about human dignity. This is the road we have headed down; to restore dignity. Do kings and despots dignify their subjects by oppressing them without recourse? Um, no. A government dignifies its citizens by giving them a say; a vote. Do laws dignify the people if they only apply to some and not all? Naw. Laws dignify the poor by applying to the wealthy as well. Did slavery dignify ANYONE? Nope. Slavery is gone in America. We made progress. Did women's suffrage dignify anyone? Yep. Everyone. And it's here to stay.

Human dignity is not just a gift, it's a requirement. This is partly the case because truth is a sibling of dignity. For example, part of the reason slavery took everyone's dignity, including the slave owners, was that the owners were forced to lie to preserve their rotten institution. When they said they improved the lives of their slaves by taking away the "burdens of being free," they lied. If it was so great being slaves, why didn't they sign up? When they talked about how difficult it was to be slave owners and how hard they worked to feed and clothe their slaves, they lied. If it was so difficult and pointless, why go to war over it? They benefited. A lot. But they did NOT preserve their dignity. When they lied, they debased themselves over their greed and began a spiral down into inhumane depravity. How did they debase themselves? Because they became liars. Simple as that. Inside, they knew it. And to become a liar is to embrace shame and dismiss dignity.

And so now we have Trumpers saying Mueller will arrest Hillary and Obama, despite the fact that every single indictment has pointed to Trump. The closer Mueller gets to Trump, the more they spin and lie and deceive, just like Sean Hannity at Fox News. Instead of being clear-eyed and honest, Sean Hannity and these trump supporters prefer to live inside a fairy tale. And that is the spiral down to depravity. You could ask Trump about the spiral down to depravity, if he had enough brain cells to understand a word of that sentence.

When this is over, and justice has been restored to this country, I believe human dignity will have to be restored as well. And part of that journey will involve forgiveness of those who, for whatever reason, supported this obviously corrupt regime. They are our fellow Americans, and we must allow them their dignity. This does not mean we need to invite them to dinner or elect them to office, but we should leave them alone. If they attack us, we ignore them. The Obamas have it right; when they go low, we go high. We MUST take the high road to get where want to go. For a better America. For a better world. Only the high road will get us there. And the high road is the road of civility and universal human dignity.

PS, it's totally okay to abuse to Trumpers a little longer. I mean, they're asking for it, yeah? But once this is over, it MUST be the high road for us. And we must stay the course. Forevermore.

PPS, Chekism, the threat that faces the world, relies on stripping everyone, including the Chekists, of their dignity. Chekism has no use for truth, only lies. It constantly renews my faith in democracy to realize the fight for freedom is the fight for truth. I mean, do you really want to support a system that prides itself is being, well, wrong? How confusing is that? No thanks.

PPPS, It should be obvious by my writing that I'm not talking about sexual depravity, which I do not believe exists. And if it does, it interests me not one iota. No one's sexuality interests me (for example, Trump's dalliances with Ms. Daniels interests me much less than the accusations of sexual assault against him). Homophobia interests, and concerns, me. Sex work interests, and concerns, me, but I won't discuss this here. What I mean by depravity is more the "depraved indifference to human life" thing. You know, the kind of thing that could put you in jail. Depraved indifference. Hm, seems to sum it all up, don't it? Maybe this is the age of depraved indifference. A truly Chekist worldview.

3-11-18 -- Anyone who thinks the Holocaust couldn't happen again need only look at Trump's rallies. Humanity has a long, long way to go.

3-17-18 -- "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!" Donald Trump. March 17, 2018.

"When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America...America will triumph over you." John O. Brennan on Donald "traitor" Trump. March 17, 2018

"The President, through his lawyer, called on DOJ to end Mueller probe. Obstruction of justice is no less a threat to our democracy when done in the open than behind closed doors. Every representative should condemn this flagrant abuse of power or stop pretending devotion to duty." Adam Schiff. March 17, 2018

"Gloat now, but you will be fired soon. And it's not going to be done cowardly, as you've done to so many who've served you. There's a storm gathering, Mr. President, and it's going to wipe out you and your corrupt organization all the way down to the studs." Rer. Eric Swalwell March 17, 2018

"I interviewed Andrew McCabe during a closed door Judiciary Committee Hearing. You should read his statement below. I believe him. But even if you disagree, the punishment he is receiving is far out of proportion to his 21 years of service. McCabe will win his appeal." Ted Lieu. March 17, 2018

"This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals more generally. It is part of this Administration's ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation, which continue to this day. Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the Special Counsel's work." Andrew McCabe. March 17, 2018

"Mr. Dowd's comments are yet another indication that the first instinct of @realDonaldTrump and his legal team is not to cooperate with Special Counsel Mueller, but to undermine him at every turn. The president, the administration, and his legal team must not take any steps to curtail, interfere with, or end the special counsel's investigation or there will be severe consequences from both Democrats and Republicans." Chuck Schumer. March 17, 2018

"McCabe firing is an undisguised attack on Special Counsel investigation - attempting to undermine him as a witness. Added evidence of obstruction of justice." Richard Blumenthal. 3-17-18

"Every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, needs to speak up in defense of the Special Counsel. Now." Mark Warner. March 17, 2018

"Mr. President, the American people will hear my story very soon. And they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not." James Comey. March 17, 2018

"America is about to experience a schism not seen since, or perhaps even during, the Civil War. Something to remember: wars are not only fought by soldiers on the battlefield--when a republic comes under threat, everything the rest of us will do will matter. I swear to help this country heal after suffering an unprecedented and blatant attack by a foreign adversary and a delusional would-be despot. I will sacrifice what I can to ensure the survival of our democracy, without which I would have nothing. I will honor the sacrifices of others, sometimes of their very lives, by remembering them and holding them aloft. I will set aside petty things like partisanship and revenge to help right the ship of state. I will never lose faith in my fellow Americans and our Constitution, a flawed but brilliant document that has meant so much to so many throughout the world; to the immigrants who came to our shores to escape tyranny, to young republics seeking an example to follow, and even to our enemies who resent our hard-earned successes. America will never be perfect, but with my sacrifices and the sacrifices of Americans everywhere, God willing we will become a more perfect union. So, here's to our children and our children's children; may they know the dignity and prosperity of the true American Dream: liberty and justice for all. Oh, and happy St Patrick's Day!" Me, March 17, 2018

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